Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Guess the movies from the taglines: V

Blogging from A to Z Challenge
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Tagline... you're it! 

I'll give the taglines, you guess the movie titles.

Hint #1: today's movies start with the letter...

(Spoiler alert: these are linked to the IMDb list of taglines for the movie.)

Theater 1
[Actor] and [Actor] are building a bridge between two cultures... even if no one wants it.

Theater 2
The coast is toast.

Theater 3
A comedy that goes first class.

Theater 4
History's most unlikely friendship.

Another hint coming up...

Hint #2: The taglines belong to these movies...

A. Victoria & Abdul (2017)
B. View from the Top (2003)
C. Volcano (1997)
D. Volunteers (1985)

(Not all movies referenced during this challenge are quality films, but I appreciate their witty taglines.)

Answers coming up...

Theater 1: D
Theater 2: C
Theater 3: B
Theater 4: A

How did you do? Have you seen any of the movies? Which one is your favorite? Which tagline is your favorite?

I've haven't seen Victoria & Abdul. I hope to see it soon.

My favorite of the taglines: The coast is toast. Catchy phrase.

My favorite of the movies: Maybe later when I see Victoria & Abdul, it will take top spot, but for now my favorite of these films is View from the Top. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie and enjoyed it more than I expected to.


  1. Hi Trudy - I haven't seen Abdul and Victoria - but would certainly like to ... and will sometime - cheers Hilary

    1. Hilary, I watched Victoria & Abdul over the weekend. It has a rather slow pace, but it held my interest. Judi Dench gives a wonderful performance.

  2. I've only seen Volcano out of these films. This is a fun way to take part in the A-Z Challenge :)
    My A-Z of favourite songs.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I'll be over to visit your blog soon.

  3. I have only seen Victoria and Abdul out of these four, and I knew that tagline. The one for Volcano is appropriate. The other two I didn't guess.

  4. I took a college science class "Natural Disasters: Hollywood vs. Reality" and watching Volcano was part of the curriculum. Fun class!