Wednesday, January 20, 2021

My awful.

Wednesday: Point of View

I sit at a messy desk while I write today. It was difficult to drag myself here. Too often I feel like everything needs to be perfect before I can begin. The right time, the right order, the right mood... what have you.

But today I told myself to own the awful. It's an attitude I've tried to adopt ever since watching Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020) on Netflix.

Back story...
Lars (Will Ferrell) dreams of singing at Eurovision--the world's biggest song competition. Problem is, he lacks the vocal and performing skills but doesn't know it. His singing partner, Sigrit (Rachel McAdams), has the voice of an angel, but she stays tethered to Lars. The singing duo label themselves Fire Saga.

Through a bizarre turn of events, they are sent to represent their beloved Iceland at Eurovision.

Meanwhile, at a pub in Fire Saga's hometown of Husavik, a group watches soccer on the television.

Someone insists...

MAN #1
Turn on the song contest, I want to watch Iceland.

Others grumble and complain.

MAN #2
What's wrong with you people? Lars and Sigrit are from our town. They've grown up with all of us.
(to the schoolteacher)
Lenderman, did you not teach them both as children?
(to another)
Steve Gundersson, they played music at your first wedding.

And my fourth.

More conversation about Fire Saga's horrible performances...

MAN #2
... We know they're awful, but they're our awful. I say change the channel and let's take our medicine!

I love that scene, "...let's take our medicine" makes me laugh! But I find myself thinking about the phrase "they're our awful". Not only does it remind me to support friends and family in their endeavors, it reminds me to support myself--my awful--when life or dreams go awry.

That doesn't mean I won't continue efforts in trying to improve, but falling short of ideal is okay. 

So what if my desk is a mess, so what if I have notes upon notes of unfollowed ideas, so what if I am inconsistent with my writing... it's my awful and I can take it.

NOTE: If concerned about content, ClearPlay offers filters for this film.