Monday, May 13, 2019

Don't spoil the adventure.

Monday: Dialogue, Lines, or Quotes

I sense a creative wave approaching and due to my tendency to analyze ideas to death, I need this reminder:
MARY POPPINS (Emily Blunt)
We're on the brink of adventure, children.Don't spoil it with too many questions. 

For my review of Mary Poppins Returns (2018) click here.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Thank you! Reflection for the 2019 A to Z Challenge.

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary Reflections badge

To borrow from an old commercial, "Thanks, I needed that!"

I just finished my fifth consecutive April A to Z Challenge. I almost didn't participate this year, and registered just a few days prior to April even though I was still unsure about committing.

The problem was... I felt disheartened about film industry standards (a problem I face in my quest for quality films) and wondered why do I watch movies? 

Those thoughts led to my theme: Why I watch movies (as if I need a reason)...  a theme I needed.

Writing posts that focused on why helped me tremendously, plus reader comments and movie suggestions rekindled my enthusiasm for watching films and for blogging.

"Thanks! I needed that!"

Now for the nuts and bolts of the Reflection Post:

This is the first year I used the master list. I mean actually used, not just for signing up. The Google sheet was such a valuable tool, I'm kicking myself for not taking advantage of it in the past.

I copied the list and then tweaked it to my liking. Having my own copy allowed me to:
  • Delete duplicate blog registrations
  • Delete blogs that weren't actually doing the challenge, or I couldn't find their A to Z posts
  • Hide blogs that I visited and didn't plan to return to (topic didn't interest me, blog page difficult to read...)
  • Color code blogs
Next year I want to:
  • Have my posts ready before April
  • Link up on other social media (I might even reactivate the FB account I closed four years ago!)
  • Visit more blogs (I visited a lot this year, but if my posts are ready I can visit more next year!)
  • Leave comments on more blogs
I've already selected a theme (out of my list of 19 ideas) for next year's challenge and I need to watch a whole lot of movies between now and then.

Thanks to this challenge, I'm up for that!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Zillion reasons.

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Theme: Why I watch movies (as if I need a reason)...

Zillion reasons. image

I have a zillion reasons for watching movies. That's an exaggeration, of course... but I was surprised at how many reasons I came up with for the challenge... far more than the 26 posted.

And it's a good thing I can come up with a zillion reasons to watch movies because it seems there are a zillion movies to watch!

Wait, if I count the list of films I want to watch based on your recommendations during this A to Z Challenge... make that a zillion and thirty-five.

I better get busy.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Y Ending Day

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Theme: Why I watch movies (as if I need a reason)...

Y Ending Day

If it's a day of the week that ends with Y, that's a good reason to watch a movie, right? But especially Tuesday! Many theaters offer big discounts on Tuesdays. Some offer $5.00 admission all day Tuesday, any show, any time slot.

I have friends who go to the cinema every Tuesday because of the discount. A sister-in-law goes to the movie theater every Friday.

We usually watch movies (whether at home, or the cinema) during the weekend, Friday or Saturday. Because of our schedules, my husband and I haven't taken advantage of Tuesday deals... yet (maybe when he retires).

If we watch a movie on a Sunday, we watch it in our home and select an uplifting one.

Which day(s) of the week do you watch movies?