Monday, March 23, 2015

Themes by the day of the week.

Reel Focus has themes for the days of the week, rather than one theme for the month. Some of the themes are revamped (different from previous posts), and taking a new direction.

Monday: Dialogue, Lines, or Quotes -- Inspiration to start the week. Memorable dialogue or classic lines from movies, and sometimes a thought-provoking quote combined with video clips.

Tuesday: Take -- Reviews (a "take") on films.  Sometimes older ones that finally made their way up the Netflix queue.

Wednesday: Point of View -- A variety of topics regarding videos and films. Content, ideas, elements of visual storytelling, movie-going experiences.

Thursday: More Point of View (Thursday's theme will change at the end of April.)

Friday (a favorite): Comic Relief -- Time to unwind and have a laugh.

Saturday: Outtakes -- Random trivia tacked onto the ending of the week.

In the latter part of April (either with the letter V, or perhaps Y), this blog will have its own Big Reveal with an exciting challenge. At that point, the Thursday theme will change to fit the blog's challenge. Grab your popcorn and licorice. Stay tuned!