Friday, May 25, 2018

Not a money pit... so far.

It's Friday and I need a good laugh.

As mentioned in the previous post, we recently moved. While searching for a home, the realtor asked me what features I hoped for and I told him the only deal-breaker would be a fixer upper. We had one of those in Tennessee some years back and I swore I would never do that again. I'm older now, and tireder.

And yet, a fixer upper is what we bought. Why? Because I fell in love with the office where I now sit surrounded by newly painted walls and unpacked boxes.

Thankfully the house mainly needs cosmetic work, and we saved enough on the price of the home that we could afford a contractor to take care of some of it before we moved in. (Who invented popcorn ceilings, by the way?)

Still, our first week here had some glitches. It took several phone calls and a couple visits by a technician to get cable and internet working. We have a temperamental loud ceiling fan that runs only when it wants to, a washing machine that walks across the floor during the spin cycle, a fridge that keeps things luke-cool (not warm but not cold), and a busted water softener that flooded the garage.

But I'm loving it here. And whenever I think less than kind thoughts about our fixer upper, I remind myself it could be worse. It could be...

"The Money Pit... If they've got what it takes, it's going to take everything they've got."

 Fandanago Movieclips Classic Trailers: The Money Pit (1986)

So far our home is not a money pit, but I gotta tell ya... as I waded into the pond of water in the garage, my anxiety level lowered greatly when I mimicked Walter's (Tom Hanks) laugh...

(The laugh begins around 2:17.)
Fandango Movieclips: Walter's Laugh 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Reflections 2018 A to Z Challenge

I can barely type, my knuckles are stiff from packing boxes. An unexpected opportunity to move to Arizona came upon us and we seized it. The past several weeks contained a flurry of semi-controlled chaos. Traveling back and forth between Utah and Arizona. Selling a condo, buying a house. Purging junk and packing stuff.

Luckily, I had my blog posts ready and scheduled... that's the only way I was able to complete the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge. However, I had very little time to visit other blogs and leave comments, and I really missed that!

This was my fourth consecutive year of participating in the A to Z Challenge, and I plan to jump in again next year. I have April 2019 blocked off... but so was April 2018 and look what happened. Life!

The physical move happens this week, followed by unpacking. At least I won't be under a time crunch, meaning, maybe I'll be unpacked by next year's challenge!