Monday, January 27, 2014

"Block" Buster: Positive Self-talk

"Whatever follows 'I am _____' will come looking for you." ~Joel Osteen

Paying attention to my self-talk really opened my eyes to what I invited into my life.  I frequently used phrases such as: "I am so busy" "I am overwhelmed" "I am tired" so--surprise!--guess who was busy, overwhelmed, and tired!  Now I strive to change those phrases to "I am careful with my plans" "I am handling my schedule" and "I am getting re-energized."

If I tell myself, "I am blocked" or "I am stumped" it can invite more blocked-ness and stumped-ness to hunt me down.  So I tell myself, "I am finding creative solutions" or "I am solving this" and sure enough, I am doing exactly that.

If something will come looking or me, I want it to be a good thing!