Friday, February 20, 2009

Upcoming Premiere!

One of the films I mentioned in my previous post will be premiering at the Foursite Film Festival (Ogden, UT) on March 4. I'm very excited. The title was changed though, it is now called Father Forgive Me. Kurt and I get to attend a reception before the premiere. I will have to miss my screenwriting class that night, but I got permission from the professor.

It's a heady experience to see my name in the credits of a film. This will be my second time seeing my name on the screen. Weird, but very cool! When the director of Misa sent me a copy of the DVD, Kurt and I paused the film at the credits and stared at my name for the longest time. No wonder actors get such big fat egos!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Working on Films

Some people have asked if I have worked on any films. Yes. So far I have worked as Production Assistant for two Independent Films. My first experience as PA was for a feature length film titled Misa. My next experience was on a short film titled Forgive Me, Father*.  

Did I receive any payment for working as a PA? Yes, and no....  

For MISA, I received a small paycheck, which I have not cashed to this day. I cannot bring myself to do it! My first pay working in the film industry! It's on my bulletin board--serving as seed money, I guess.

For Forgive Me, Father* I signed a form donating my salary to the non-profit film company (Foursite Films). I can deduct the salary amount as a charitable contribution.

*NOTE:  When the film was complete, the name was changed to Father Forgive Me (2009).