Saturday, April 7, 2018

Guess the movies from the taglines: G

Blogging from A to Z Challenge
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Tagline... you're it! 

I'll give the taglines, you guess the movie titles.

Hint #1: today's movies start with the letter...

(Spoiler alert: these are linked to the IMDb list of taglines for the movie.)

Theater 1
An offer you can't refuse.

Theater 2
Ice cold. Hot wired.

Theater 3
A little adventure goes a lawn way.

Theater 4
Little arms big attitude.

Another hint coming up...

Hint #2: The taglines belong to these movies...

A. Gnomeo & Juliet (2011)
B. The Godfather (1972)
D. The Good Dinosaur (2015)

(Not all movies referenced during this challenge are quality films, but I appreciate their witty taglines.)

Answers coming up...

Theater 1: B
Theater 2: C
Theater 3: A
Theater 4: D

How did you do? Have you seen any of the movies? Which one is your favorite? Which tagline is your favorite?

I still haven't watched The Good Dinosaur, but I've seen the others.

My favorite of the taglines: Little arms big attitude.

My favorite of the movies: The Godfather. (The first time I saw this, I was with a carload of friends at a drive-in theater.)


  1. Trudy,

    The only tagline I knew without any prompting is from The Godfather. We bought it on DVD many years ago. It's a timeless clasasic. A friend of ours told us that he knew the author somehow but I can't for the life of me remember how but judging by the late Puzo's age I can't image the connection other than they both lived in NYC perhaps at the same period. I'm going to ask our friend to tell us this story again. Maybe, I'm getting all wrong...probably most definitely am. :) I guessed at all the other taglines getting the in the right order. Thanks for sharing and for visiting. Have a good day and happy A2Zing!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    iPad Art Sketches 'Goofy Faces'

    1. The Godfather is a classic. I've seen all of them, but the original is my favorite. That would be interesting to find the link between your friend and the author!

  2. I got the Godfather right away without seeing the title clues. I didn't know the other ones but guessed the Good Dinosaur for the little arms big attitude. This is a fun A to Z to follow!

    1. Thank you, Janet, I'm glad you are enjoying this theme. I had fun researching the taglines... it was like a treasure hunt.

  3. Well! that was an eclectic mix of movies! Something for everyone there and I won't tell you that Gone in 60 seconds was the only one I've seen!

    Leanne |
    H for Hang on to your Dreams

    1. That was a good mix of movies, huh. Sometimes choices were wide open, depending on the letter. Other times, it's slim pickins'.

  4. An offer you can't refuse must be one of the most famous. The Godfather of course, expertly stated by the great Marlon Brandon.

    1. Classic tagline for a classic movie. In contrast, the marketing tagline for Godfather: Part III gives me the willies... "Real power can't be given. It must be taken."