Monday, January 30, 2012

Success for my friend and mentor!

The LDS Film Festival was last week. One of my friends, Sally Meyer, wrote the screenplay for a short film: Life According To Penny, which won First Place, as well as the Audience Choice Award, in the Short Film Competition.  

When I saw the film, it gave me chills. I've preached for so long... films can be quality, hard hitting, edgy, and intense without being graphic. This particular film fit the bill, and I wanted to applaud until my hands were sore when the ending credits rolled.   

I met Sally last June when I attended a schmooze sponsored by the Utah Women in Film. (See previous post: Birds of a Feather.) She became a friend and a mentor, always asking about my screenwriting whenever she sees me, and giving me encouragement. I am so happy for Sally and the filmmakers involved in this fantastic film! I hope Life According To Penny goes on to win awards in numerous festivals, and I hope they make many, many more.

Here's a clip:

Now I better get busy re-writing a scene in one of my screenplays. I'll see Sally later this week and I want to report progress...I don't want scolded!  :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Images in motion.

While viewing the trailer for War Horse (2011) I literally had goosebumps on my arms. I think it was the first time I consciously decided to see a film based solely on the cinematography. The images in motion on the screen--the angles and composition of the shots--touched me deeply like beautiful music.

Some people walk through a museum and feel moved by the art. When I go to a museum I'm moved by my aching legs. Static art makes me think, and pleases my eye, but rarely touches my soul. Put a beautiful image in motion, however, and it rouses my senses and raises goosebumps. Add music to the moving images and my senses soar.

Last week I saw War Horse at a local Megaplex, and even though my decision to see the film was based on wanting to see the cinematography, I was pleased with the story too. Shoot, I didn't stand a chance. The magnificent moving images combined with a compelling story and soundtrack, the film brought me to tears.

Yep, I was one goosbumpy teary-eyed theater patron. And not once were my senses assaulted with vulgarity.

I want more films like that.