Thursday, April 18, 2019


Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Theme: Why I watch movies (as if I need a reason)...

Popcorn image

Pavlov's dog theory (stimulus triggers behavior) works two directions for me when it comes to motion pictures. Sometimes (not always, thankfully) watching a movie makes me crave popcorn, other times I'm hungry for popcorn, so I watch a movie.

As I mentioned in the post "A stand for concessionsI usually avoid the popcorn at theaters because it's too dry, salty, and the oil makes me nauseous. So, if I'm hungry for popcorn, that means I want to watch a flick at home and nibble (okay, scarf) on my delicious homemade pan-popped kernels of yumminess.

Now I'm hungry for popcorn... so it must be time to watch a movie!

What's your favorite movie snack?


  1. I was always more a Twizzlers and/or Skittles kind of guy. I never much cared for movie theater popcorn, though we make it at home and it's good.

    John @ The Sound Of One Hand Typing

  2. @John ... Twizzlers and/or Skittles. Good stuff!

  3. Trudy,

    When we went to the movies the popcorn with lots of butter was the best part of the experience. that stuff ever good! I'm sure they didn't use real butter but it's so yummy. These days if we have popcorn we avoid the butter - too many calories and we think of our heart health. Another thing, sadly, is we shouldn't eat popcorn because a)DH is allergic to corn (we think) and b)it bothers both of our digestions. So, when we do eat we try to make sure we chew it thoroughly and hope we don't regret it later, which we still do. Was it worth it? Somewhat! Chances are good we'll do it again.

    Thanks for dropping by checking out A2Z Little Mermaid art sketch 'Pearl'. Happy a2zing, my dear!

  4. @Cathy ... While living in Eastern Tennessee, we used to drive to a theater in Knoxville that had the best popcorn. There were theaters closer to us, but we wanted that popcorn! Then they switched to a different oil or something and it lost its appeal. However, that is what spurred me to start making my own fresh-popped, experimenting with different oil until I found what we like.

  5. I can eat a whole big container of popcorn during a movie and I love the theater kind. Lots of butter is best, but not so much that it makes it too soggy. MMMMM

    Janet’s Smiles

  6. When my sisters and I were kids, we loved lemon drops. Today it's just popcorn, but only a couple theatres in town make it so it's edible.

  7. @Janet ... You helped me realize another advantage of making popcorn at home... it's easier to control the amount I eat. I only pop enough for two of us, and then give my husband the lion's share. 😄

  8. @Suzanne ... Mmmm... lemon drops. I used to love eating those , and the thought makes my mouth water. You gave me an idea, too... maybe I need to "shop" around at different theaters to see which one makes the best popcorn.