Thursday, April 4, 2019

Date Night

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Dinner and a movie... an ordinary date, yes, but I like it! There's something about sitting in the theater with my husband, looking over at him to see his reaction to a scene, laughing with him, holding hands, sharing popcorn... *sigh*.

This will date us (pun intended) but as a newly-engaged couple we searched the entertainment section of the newspaper to see what was playing at the theaters and selected The Villain (1979). Neither of us had heard of The Villain but it starred Kirk Douglas which meant it had to be good, right? We expected a typical western and felt stunned when the opening scene revealed it was a comedy! Oh my goodness, we laughed so hard throughout the movie we hurt by the end.

We've been married almost 40 years and we continue to date. We try to include a variety of activities (bowling, browsing museums, strolling through a botanical garden) but the majority of the time when one of us asks the other, "What would you like to do for date night?" the answer is, "Go to a movie!"

Do you have a memorable movie date night (good or bad)?


  1. I can honestly say I only ever attempted one cinematic date night and it didn't go well as she fell asleep a few minutes after the film started!

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  2. @Keith ... I have a friend who is like that... falls asleep as soon as the movie starts. Was she your date? (hahaha!)

  3. Congrats on 40 years of marriage! That's an amazing accomplishment.

    So would you recommend The Villain, if a person could find it to stream?

    Isa-Lee Wolf

    A Bit 2 Read

  4. @I.L. Wolf ... If you like slapstick comedy, or appreciate the Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoons (many of The Villain's antics were like a live version of that cartoon) then you'll like The Villain. It's also fun because Arnold Schwarzenegger is in it... so young and so early in his acting career.

  5. Trudy,

    You guys have been married as long as us. In June we'll celebrate our 40th anniversary but we date almost three years before we tied the knot. We still have movie night but not in a theatre. Instead, we pick something of interest from one of our streaming services to settle in each weekend night to enjoy over a dinner of pizza and often snacks. It's a nice way to unwind and share some simple fun with my favorite fella.

    Thanks for visiting my A2Z Little Mermaid art sketch series featuring Dudley and in case you didn't see I added a second post updating Dudley in living color. ;) Happy a2zing, dearie!

  6. @Cathy ... Congratulations on your upcoming 40th anniversary! Ours is in September.

    You have Dudley in living color now? I'll head on over to your blog to check him out!

  7. When hubby and I were first married we discussed the importance of date night, especially once the kids came along. We have not forgotten about that and 35 years and three kids later still have our date nights. Sometimes it's just dinner, sometimes it's just a movie at home. Nice post!

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  8. @Janet ... Date nights are so important, right? Congratulations on 35 years!

  9. The first film my husband and I ever watched together was Woody Allen's Manhattan Murder Mystery, enjoyed by both of us. Going to a movie together is still something we like to do, if we can agree on what to see!

  10. @Suzanne ... Ah, yes... agreeing on what to see can be a challenge at times.

  11. My wife and I used to go to the movie theater at least two times each week. The last time we went to the movie theater was in 2005. Now we have a bigger better TV and all kinds of access to movies so we stay home. Now our movie date nights are at home--far less expensive and more convenient. Funny, I don't miss going to the movie theater that much. And we go plenty of other places--primarily out to eat.

    Arlee Bird
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  12. @Arlee ... The convenient access to movies in our own homes is wonderful! Plus the option to adjust the volume to our own liking, and the ability to rewind to watch a scene again because we missed something, give at-home movie viewing an edge.

  13. Also more relevant to me as I get older, you can pause the film to go to the bathroom.


  14. @Arlee ... So true!! That's a definite advantage.