Saturday, April 20, 2019


Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Theme: Why I watch movies (as if I need a reason)...

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I watch some films to write reviews for ClearPlay, a company that provides legal filtering for movies. I've used their filters for most of the twenty years they've been in business, so when they asked me (three years ago) to write reviews for them, I was thrilled!

Having an assignment for reviews is wonderful because it stretches me to see films I normally wouldn't watch and yet turn out to be really good. For example, when asked to review I Kill Giants (2017), I cringed a little. Aimed at a young audience and categorized as fantasy and thriller, I was certain I wouldn't enjoy it. But I was oh so wrong... what an engaging, complex story!

(For the ClearPlay reviews I've written, click here or on the correlating tab at the top of the page.)

I also write movie reviews for this blog, usually spotlighting quality films I come across. Click on the My "Take" tab above (or click here) for links to those. I'm painfully aware of my neglect in posting reviews on here... maybe I should give myself an assignment and deadline!

(Note: ClearPlay does not ask me to or pay me to promote their product on this blog.)


  1. What an interesting thing to do. What one makes of a film is of course very subjective. So often I've come to very different conclusions and opinions from those of critics. Often critics disagree with each other. I write pub revues myself - free food an beer!

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  2. @Keith ... That's one reason I label the reviews I post on here My Take, because it's my take--opinion, view--of the film. Working in a subjective field is frustrating at times, so I like to do puzzles and other things that turn out "right" in the end.

  3. Trudy,

    That's impressive that a company hired you to write reviews. We do a lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming sometimes I review what we watch on my blog for the fun of it. I figured it's a great way to plant a good movie into someone's brain while at the same time helping with writing reviews. I can't compete with the so-called movie critics but I can offer my honest opinion. BTW, I Kill Giants doesn't call my name to watch but I will click on your link to read your review.

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  4. @Cathy ... Fantastic! I'm glad you write reviews for good movies you watch. Spreading the word about good movies is important! You've recommended several movies to me during this challenge and I've already added them to my "wanna see" list. Thanks!