Friday, April 19, 2019

Quest for Quality Films

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Theme: Why I watch movies (as if I need a reason)...

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I'm on a quest to promote quality films. The Reel Focus blog description reads, "An advocate for raising the bar rather than pushing the envelope."

I applaud filmmakers who raise the bar on quality. Their films entertain, inform, enlighten. They are hard-hitting, cutting-edge, powerful... without assaulting our senses. In contrast, filmmakers who push the envelope strive to go beyond standards of decency.

Within the "About Me" section on the sidebar, you'll find that I "decided to quit complaining about film content, get off my duff and find ways to promote decency in films." 

This blog is one way I promote such films. I watch movies, searching for quality, with the intention of spotlighting them here.

Have you found a quality film lately? Please share!

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