Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A stand for concessions

Wednesday: Point of View

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A friend told me about going to the movie theater three times in one week and quipped, "That's a lot of popcorn!"

There's something about popcorn and movies. They go so well together.

However, I don't always get popcorn at the theater, because... well, it's not that great. Too dry and salty, so I add the unnatural butter-flavored stuff and end up feeling nauseated from the oil.

That's why I only purchase theater popcorn when I am desperately hungry or have the illusion that it will taste good this time.

And I feel bad about that because... well, I don't eat candy and I don't drink soda so that means all the theater gets from my wallet is the price of admission.

That sounds like a good thing, right? It's a good thing for my personal health, but not for the health of the local cinema. You see, concession sales keep movie theaters in business and I happen to like movie theaters!

Now. Here's my stand for concessions: I make scrumptious popcorn. That's right... homemade, stove-top, pan-popped kernels made with coconut oil and drizzled with real butter, and it's against my principles to sneak it into the theater but I would gladly pay the theater for the privilege to bring it in. They would still make money to stay in business and I would get to eat the good stuff! Win-win!

I'm curious. Am I alone in this? Would you be willing to pay a concession fee to bring in your own popcorn?


  1. I enjoy popcorn when I'm at the cinema, and I agree it is not as good as homemade. I'd be willing to pay a little extra to bring my own. Theaters often ask for online feedback with a website on the ticket, and one time I came down hard on the awful "butter" they drench the popcorn with. I also pointed out they should use whatever the other theater a few miles away used, as that was quite good. Next time I went to a film there, I took a chance and had the popcorn and it was great! Looks like they took the hint.

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone in this... and that's fantastic that the theater took the hint!

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I apologize that I didn't see it until today. There was a glitch in my blog which caused notifications regarding pending comments to cease and I didn't realize it. I discovered the pending comments--and the problem--today and corrected it (I hope).