Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Theme: Why I watch movies (as if I need a reason)...

Movieclips Classic Trailers: The Bishop's Wife (1947)
My favorite Christmas movie and favorite trailer.

Is there an Oscar for Best Original Trailer? I nominate the one for The Bishop's Wife. I didn't see it in the theater, of course, since I wasn't born yet, but it's my favorite trailer... unusual and clever.

As described in the video, a trailer is "one of those little films you see at your theater which shows you scenes from some big picture that's coming soon" ... well, those little films often give me a reason to watch movies.

Selecting a movie based on its preview is not a perfect system, of course. Sometimes the trailer is better than the movie, or misleads, or reveals too much.

Which brings me to Studio C's spoof on trailers. I've shared this before, but it's worth sharing again... Movie Trailer That Spoils Everything

Still, I find movie previews helpful, and usually watch the trailer before watching the film. If the trailer looks good, I want to watch the movie.

How about you?


  1. I love "The Bishop's Wife," especially the sermon David Niven delivers at the end. It's the best Christmas movie ever, better even than "Miracle on 34th Street," "A Christmas Story," and "It's A Wonderful Life," which I don't particularly like, anyway.

  2. @John ... My husband introduced me to The Bishop's Wife our first Christmas together and it's been my favorite ever since. Not sure how I missed seeing it while growing up. I agree... it's the best Christmas movie ever!

  3. Several times I've been let down by overly interesting trailers, so I don't always fully trust them to deliver. There are of course exceptions such a Divergent which had me hooked as the movie does now!

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  4. @Keith ... Did you watch all of the Divergent movies (Divergent Insurgent, Allegiant)? I've been waiting for the 4th one (part two of Allegiant--"Ascendant"--but I think they stopped making the films! 🙁

  5. I've never seen The Bishop's Wife. Guess I have to try and find it now. That "No trailer" caught me. :)

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  6. @Janet ... That "no trailer" of a trailer is fun, huh! So original. I hope you enjoy the movie when you find it.

  7. Trudy,

    I think we watched 'The Bishop's Wife' a long time ago but I don't think we were overly impressed with the film. I guess we'll need to see it again since you and others are giving it such a glowing review. Trailers can be helpful or misleading. It's hard to know until you actually watch the movie but still I rely on Trailers to get an overall feel whether to see a film.

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  8. @Cathy ... Oh dear. The pressure's on since I sang its praises. LOL I hope you'll like The Bishop's Wife if you view it again, but it might not be your cup-of-tea.