Saturday, December 23, 2017

Day 23 - Be a light in someone's life.

December 1 thru December 25 I am posting about movies which reflect each day's focus for #LightTheWorld.

Day 23

"I was in prison, and ye came unto me." (Matthew 25:36)

Prisons don't always have bars. Addiction, depression, compulsion, illness, negative thought patterns, can hold us captive. Blessed are they who bring light into our lives.

Based on a true story, in the following clip from The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (2005) a group of women who enter advertising contests gather at the home of Emma Hartzler. They call themselves The Affadaisies and they meet at Emma's home since she can't come to theirs... she's inside an iron lung.

Fandango Movieclips: The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio "The Affadaisies"

A teacher (Hilary Swank) gives hope of higher education to a group of students trapped in hatred, gangs, violence. She helps them find their voice through journaling. Freedom Writers (2007), based on a true story.

YouTube Movies Trailer: Freedom Writers

In Forever Strong (2008), rugby player Rick Penning (Sean Faris) lands in juvenile detention for his second D.U.I, but it's his attitude that keeps his potential locked up. A counselor at the center provides an opportunity for the athlete to play on a team coached by Larry Gelwix (Gary Cole), who holds the rugby players to high moral standards. Coach Gelwix's methods help Rick break free of his self-destructive behavior. This film is based on a blend of true stories about Utah's Highland High School rugby team.

On the lighter side, some characters in Sing (2016) are imprisoned by fear, stagnation, other's opinions. The director of a singing competition gives them encouragement and helps them break free. This movie is not based on a true story, but might as well be. How many of us are trapped by similar attitudes?

Fandango Movies Trailer: Sing

Today I will give encouragement to others.


  1. I like that you included Sing. You're right--they all have to break free of some form of imprisonment!

    1. I was surprised how much I enjoyed Sing. Great music and message.