Friday, December 15, 2017

Day 15 - Show mercy to others.

December 1 thru December 25 I am posting about movies which reflect each day's focus for #LightTheWorld.

Day 15

"Blessed are the merciful." (Matthew 5:7)

I love the examples of mercy shown in Les Misérables. After being released from prison, Jean Valjean struggles to find shelter and something to eat, and eventually huddles in the doorway of a church. The Bishop finds him there and invites him inside. Valjean is given warmth, food, and a place to sleep. In the night, he awakens, steals silver from a cupboard and runs away.

The next day two policeman bring Jean to the church and tell the Bishop...

Monsignor, we caught the thief
red-handed! He has the nerve to
say you gave him all this!

That is right.

Amazed, Valjean looks up.

But my friend, you left so early,
you forgot I gave these also.
Would you leave the best behind?

The Bishop gives Valjean two large silver candlesticks. Valjean, bewildered, takes the silver candlesticks. The police leave, and the Bishop tells Valjean.

But remember this, my brother --
see in this some higher plan.
You must use this precious silver
to become an honest man.
By the witness of the martyrs,
by the passion and the blood,
God has raised you out of darkness --
I have bought your soul for God.

Because of the mercy shown to him, Jean Valjean begins a new chapter in his life, and extends mercy to others... Fantine, her daughter Cosette, Marius, and even to the lawman who has hunted Valjean with a vengeance... Javert.

Les Misérables movies:
1998 - Liam Neeson, Geoffrey Rush, Uma Thurman (not a musical)
2012 - Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway (musical)

Today I will show mercy to someone. 


  1. Can you believe I STILL haven't seen either of the Les Mis movies? I am afraid it will ruin the actual productions I've seen of the musical. I don't want the new images to erase or taint the memories I still have of seeing it performed in London! =)

    1. I don't blame you... hold on to those memories!