Friday, April 22, 2016


Blogging from A to Z Challenge.
Theme: Making movie lines our own.


A Goofy Movie (1995):

Goofy and his son Max set up camp, then along comes a thunderous motorhome. It's ridiculously loaded with every luxury, including a swimming pool. A door lowers, knocking Goofy in the head, and Pete exits. Seeing Goofy, Pete calls the "chance" meeting serendippadee-doo-dah.

Pete is not my favorite character, but I love that phrase. When overloaded with stress, I tell my husband, "I need a Serendippadee-doo-dah Day!" 

Meaning... a day where I wake up and do whatever I darn well please... go with the flow... no demands, no appointments. If I feel like reading, I read. If I feel like watching TV, I watch it. If I feel like cooking... riiiiight... like that's gonna happen on a Serendippadee-doo-dah Day!

(This is the third time I've used a line from A Goofy Movie. See: G'bye pile of broken wood, and Quirky Lines Quiz. 


  1. We just got back from a family vacation, and more than once while we were there, one of us would say, "I'm taking a vacation. . . from my problems!" Bill Murray used that line repeatedly in the movie, "What About Bob?" Some movie lines just seem to stick, don't they?

    1. What About Bob is fantastic and full of memorable lines. I love when Bob (Bill Murray),strapped to the sailboat's mast, exclaims, "I'm sailing! I'm sailing! I'm sailing..."

  2. I absolutely love the Goofy movie! (Definitely have to find it on DVD, yep, still have the movie on VHS, with no way to play it.)
    And, I love that line! I do believe I could use a Serendippadee-doo-dah week after this challenge. :)

    Crafting Paws

    1. Ooooo... I like the sound of that... a Serendippadee-doo-dah WEEK! I like that better than the Day I had planned.