Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fifi… I don't know no Fifi.

Blogging from A to Z Challenge.
Theme: Making movie lines our own.

"Fifi... I don't know no Fifi."

(Bear with me, there's a story in this.)

When our kids were little, they loved watching Mickey and the Beanstalk (1947). When the giant appears he starts out with the expected growly Fe Fi Fo Fum, Fe Fi Fo Fum... but then bursts into song: (lyrics below, or watch the short clip)

Fe fi fo fum,
He hi ho hum.
I'm a most amazing guy,
A most amazing guy am I.

Fi fi fo fum,
He hi ho hum.
I'm the stuff, I'm telling you,
For here's what I can do...

I can change myself into an elf,
Fly up high like the birdies,
I can disappear into atmosphere (peek-a-boo)
'Cause I know the magic wordies.

Fie fo fee foy,
Fi fi fi fi... (stops singing) 
Fifi... I don't know no Fifi!

(this starts with the song, but the fi fi fi fi part begins around 0:33)

The little tykes repeatedly rewound the video tape to this part while they laughed at the giant's silliness, and mimicked over and over, "Fifi... I don't know no Fifi."

About this time we adopted two kittens and told the kids they could choose a name for their pets. Our five year old dubbed his cat Figaro (after Geppetto's cat on Disney's Pinocchio), and our two-year-old daughter came up with the only name she could say... Fifi.

You guessed it. The cat was pretty much called "Fifi... I don't know no Fifi."

Over and over and over...

Some movie lines get old fast! (But we can laugh about it now.)


  1. I'm enjoying your personal stories about the movie lines. So much fun to read! I remember that cartoon. It was hilarious! They don't make them like that anymore.

    1. Luana, I was amazed that clip was on YouTube! Oldie but goodie.

  2. Too funny. I love movie lines and they work their way into my every day conversations all the time.

    1. Sometimes I use a line then go nuts when I can't recall what movie it came from, thankfully an Internet search can help.