Monday, April 11, 2016

If. If is good.

Blogging from A to Z Challenge.
Theme: Making movie lines our own.

"If. If is good."

The characters Pain (voice of Bobcat Goldthwait) and Panic (voice of Matt Frewer) in Disney's Hercules (1997) crack me up. Their lines (and voices) are funny!

In this scene, Pain and Panic steal Hercules from his cradle. Hades instructed them to give baby Hercules a bottle of potion--every lost drop--to turn him mortal, then kill him.

While force feeding the potion to the little tyke, they hear a voice "Who's there?"

Jumping, the bottle falls and breaks as they hurry to hide. One drop remained.

Thinking Hercules is now mortal, Pain and Panic transform into deadly snakes to finish the job. As they slither close to strike, Hercules grabs the snakes, playfully pounds them on the ground, ties them in a knot, and slings them far, far away.

They failed in their mission.

Hades is going to kill us when
he finds out what happened!

You mean if he finds out.

Of course he's going to f... 
If. If is good.

(I tried to set this to start at the "If" scene, 
but just in case, it's around 2:10.)

Ideas gather in my head like pennies in a jar waiting to be rolled up and cashed in. Taking action on my ideas is another story. I get distracted with something shinier, lose interest, or analyze them to death. My husband accuses me of being unable to "pull the trigger" and go. 

That's his style. Get an idea and take off running before it's thought out thoroughly (over-analyzed by yours truly).

So... I've learned to preface my ideas with "What if... and it's a big if..."

And he's learned to accept my need to vocalize ideas, and respond with, "If. If is good!"


  1. I agree, if is good! So funny. Enjoying the heck out of your posts!

  2. It makes it all the more fun, knowing you are enjoying the posts. Thanks, Luana!