Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Action!: Write and Re-Write

What I'm working on: Re-writes.

When asked how many times a person should rewrite a script, my screenwriting instructor answered, "Keep rewriting until you are sick of the script. Then rewrite it again."

That's where I'm at with my first screenplay. I've rewritten and tweaked and polished the script to the point I want to puke. Then I started--for the umpteenth time--to tighten and tweak some more. I got about twenty pages into it (weeks ago) when I hit a wall. I cannot seem to drag myself to the task.

So I decided to take a break from that story and turn my attention (at least for a while) to my second screenplay, ignored and sitting in a box since December 2010. It felt fantastic to open up my screenwriting software and type the title page.

When I originally wrote this particular screenplay, I used Microsoft Word. It was a real pain in the tooshie, but I figured out ways to format it somewhat correctly. Since that time, I purchased Movie Magic Screenwriter, so now I will retype the screenplay (123 pages) into Screenwriter and let it format like magic.

Someone told me, "With Screenwriter, you can import the document from Word," but I don't want to do that. I will retype the entire screenplay, because as I type I will be... rewriting.

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