Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Action!: Practicing Baby Steps

I needed to practice the baby steps, as mentioned in Monday's post.  A year and a half ago I took an on-line course for selling my script.  That's when I was fresh out of school -- raring and ready to go.  The first assignment was to write a query letter, which the instructor would evaluate.

Lesson number one: query letter.  That stopped me dead in my tracks. Thankfully, there were no deadlines for the class.  I can still complete the work.

It seems so ridiculous that writing a query letter could cause such anxiety, especially when it was going to a kind and encouraging instructor whom I selected because of his "you can do it" attitude.  It's not like the letter would shoot down my script or slam the door of opportunity on me.  It was for practice and learning for pity's sake!

Still...thoughts of writing it brought on nausea.

Finally, with the concept of "growing less fearful by taking baby steps" I was able to open up a word document, put a heading with my contact information, address it, and write the first sentence!

GO ME!  (Where's my blankie?  Can I have a pacifier now?)

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