Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Action!: Driving

What am I up to? Driving.

There's a group of us that help move cars between car dealerships. A shuttle van takes us to a dealership, then hands us each a key. We drive the car we're given to whichever dealership we are delivering to on that particular run, then the shuttle meets us there and takes us to the next location. It's a small part-time job (about one day a week), but I love it. I love driving different makes and models of vehicles. How does this help me with screenwriting?
  • It gets me out-and-about, beyond the four walls of my office, seeing the world around me, stimulating my senses.
  • I get lots of ideas while driving; it's my traveling think tank.
  • The small amount of money I earn helps to fund my creative projects, plus I'm saving for a screenwriting retreat.
  • The people I work with are great character studies... a few of their names give a clue: Larry and Moe; Bill and Ted; Fifa, and a grown hippie love child named Five. Ted is full of tall-tales. We never know when he's telling us the truth or a story. We suspect the movie Big Fish (2003) was based on Ted. For me, he's the story that got away!

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