Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Action!: Extra again.

It's Wednesday.  Time to report on what I've been up to.

Last week I had the wonderful privilege of being an extra for the movie Christmas Oranges (2012). I think I'm still floating on the awesomeness of the experience, which included:
  • Having wardrobe dress me in a beautiful period costume for my role as a "Benefactress."
  • Having a professional do my make-up while I chatted with the daughter of Edward Herrmann. (She was also an extra in the same scene.)
  • Filming a scene with Edward Herrmann, the other extras (Benefactors/Benefactresses), and a cast of talented young actors (the orphans).
  • Meeting Linda Bethers (also a Benefactress), the author of the book (by the same title).
  • Hanging out with Sally Meyer, who wrote the screenplay. (She wrote Life According to Penny... I shared the clip in my post: Success for my friend and mentor!) I could gush some more about her accomplishments, but I will hold back since I hope she will write a guest post after she's done with filming, and catches up on some much needed sleep!
Here's a picture of me, taken with my phone. To see some delightful pictures of the cast (taken by Sally!), click here.

I was thrilled with the dress they selected for me.
How did they know it's one of my favorite colors?

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