Friday, June 29, 2012

Comic Relief: Funny Titles

A few weeks ago at the cinema, as we walked past a movie poster, my husband read the title aloud,  "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter ... hmmm..someone needs to lay off the late-night snacks!"

It got me thinking about strange or funny movie titles, so I browsed the Internet and selected a few to share. This is not intended as a critique of the films (most of them I've seen--some of them I enjoyed), but just a consideration that these titles might make a person scratch their head, Huh? when first released.

The next one hit me as the funniest, and I added it to our Netflix queue...


  1. I can't help it I have to comment. Those are funny movie titles. thank goodness for trailers or no one would want to go see them. Did you know there was a movie also titled "Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter." I saw it on our submarine movie listing. I didn't see it. Also Jack Nicholaus's "As Good As It Gets" One could think they were talking about how well the movie was made. Wonder who else out there has strange movie titles to share.

  2. You're right... thank goodness for trailers!

  3. My favorite is "DOn't Worry, We'll Think of a Title." I'll have to see that one, just to show my support. I've rearranged some popular movie titles here: