Monday, March 28, 2011

Screenwriting Software

Wow!  I feel all official and special!  I just installed screenwriting software on my desktop and laptop.  I've already written (and re-written) two feature length screenplays...using Microsoft Word.  Using "Word" is not the most efficient way to format a screenplay, trust me.  Ugh.  But I made do.

In February I purchased Movie Magic Screenwriter 6.  Why am I just now installing it, you might ask?  Because I was up to my ears in projects and knew that once it was installed it would call out to me, and I would want to play.  So I postponed the installation.

Now it's time to play.  Time to re-type and re-write my babies!

(Oh, and with the installation, Write Brothers included a tutorial for an add-on plug-in I can purchase: "Streamline."  I want, I want...I need, I need!)

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