Saturday, June 16, 2012

Movie memories with Dad.

When I think of my dad and his favorite movies, the first one that comes to mind is Follow Me, Boys! (1966). The Disney film starring Fred MacMurray, hit the theaters in 1966, when we lived in a town with one theater (with one screen)... but they showed double features. If it was a popular film, the theater showed it twice in one night. That was the case with Follow Me, Boys!  I sat with some friends during the first showing and then went to where my parents were seated, expecting to go home. But dad loved the movie so much, he requested that we sit through the second showing, and this time I sat next to him, drinking in the moment.

Dad's other favorites can be lumped into two words: John Wayne. I recall coming home after one of my high school activities and finding dad on the couch, watching a television flick.

Me:  What'cha watching?
Dad:  John Wayne movie.
Me:  Which one?
Dad:  It doesn't matter to me, it's John Wayne.

I wish I could share this youtube video with him. It consists of clips from John Wayne movies (the titles don't matter) set to the song John Wayne by Billy Idol. This is for you, dad.  I miss you!

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