Friday, January 25, 2013

Comic Relief: You've Got Mail

I caught a nasty germ. I've been (as my dad used to say) "Sick in bed on two chairs."  

We wanted to watch a movie and I chose You've Got Mail (1998) because I kept thinking about the scene where Kathleen (Meg Ryan) is sick and Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) comes to her apartment. She speaks to him through the intercom and explains that she is sick, and sneezes through the speaker which comes through loud and clear as he stands at the doorstep. 

Then someone unlocks the door and enters the building, so Joe slips inside. In the meantime, Kathleen is still speaking into the intercom but no one is at the door... her voice carries to the empty front stoop, "And I've got a temperature."

That line always cracks me up. Of course she has a temperature. We ALL have a temperature. Even dead people have a temperature.

She means, of course, that she has a fever. I can relate to that. And watching the movie helped take my mind off my own.

It was fun to hear the clever lines again. One scene I had forgotten about was when Kathleen and Frank (Greg Kinnear) are having a tense discussion as they settle into theater seats. A woman shushes them and Frank responds: A HOTDOG is singing. You need quiet while a hotdog is singing?

Here's a clip from the film when Joe Fox, who is the very NY152 they are talking about, leads her along with guessing what the 152 stands for.

The clip leaves out my favorite part though...

Joe: Mr. 152 Felony indictments.
Kathleen: Mr. 152 insights into my soul.
Joe. Oh yea. No competing with that.

Grateful to You've Got Mail for lifting my sickly spirits.

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