Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reflections: The Shots That Got Away

Sometimes when I see a beautiful image that would make a great video shot, I wish I could just push a button on the side of my head and record it to transfer later to a digital file to share.  I guess a pocket camera capable of quality video would be the next best thing...if I had one.

Here are some shots that got away:

  • While traveling on a ferry from Whidbey Island to Port Townsend, WA, a rainbow touched the water of the Puget Sound. As if seeing the end of a rainbow was not enough, a sailboat glided through it. Magnificent image. Once in a lifetime shot. Even though we were mere minutes from docking, people hopped out of their vehicles to snap pictures, while I sat in my pickup bemoaning that I didn't have my camera.
  • Driving on a two lane highway between Shoshone and Twin Falls, Idaho, my niece and I spotted a coyote standing on the crest of a sagebrush covered hill, a purple and pink sunset casting the lone creature in silhoutte.  It looked like a photograph.  Perfect.  But pulling over to the side of the road spooked the coyote.  Drats!
  • I recently missed two great shots within a matter of minutes. My husband tossed some bread over our condo stairwell to feed the birds.  Interesting image as the bread sailed through the air and his car keys plummeted to the ground, slicing through the thick blanket of pristine snow three stories below. I stood on the landing, laughing while he descended the stairs, went through the parking garage, and around the building to tromp through the snow in his good shoes.  As I watched from above, my laughter stopped as I saw a second fantastic shot... from my birds-eye view, I watched my husband dressed in a black suit, black ascot hat, and long black wool coat blowing behind him as he walked across the fresh white snow. I cannot adequately describe the image, and certainly wish I could show it to you...but camera with me.


  1. Well, it seems your mind took the snapshots and you did a great job describing those "missed" shots. Love that!

    Have you ever seen the movie "Elizabethtown"? The female co-star (her name escapes me) goes around and uses an imaginary camera to take mental snapshots of interesting moments. It's one of my favorite movies.

    1. Kirsten Dunn ... that's who it is!

    2. I haven't seen Elizabethtown...and now I'm very intrigued. I will add it to the top of our Netflix queue, thanks!