Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reflections: The shots that DIDN'T get away.

I posted about the shots that got away due to not having a camera with me (click here).  Then I decided I should acknowledge a few moments which didn't escape--ones I managed to capture with my cell phone.

The picture below is a "drive-by-shooting."  It took some skill to hold my phone with one hand and drive with the other.  I loved the way the little dog in the shopping cart is looking the same direction, and positioned at nearly the same angle as the woman pushing the cart.

Here's my daughter with two of her children.  Candid photos reveal such personality, don't you think?

Here's what I captured while walking last spring.  I like the curving sidewalk between the straight lines of the fence and road.  The sun peaking through the tree gives a nice touch too.  Aahhh... let me pause here for a moment and stare at the picture.  I miss Spring.

During a much welcomed break on a snowshoeing trek, I admired the colors against the white aspens and snow.

Below was an experiment with the panoramic function of my camera phone.

The following picture was taken through a window on a moving train during a snow storm.  Not the best quality, but it helps me remember why we took Amtrak rather than drive over Donner's Pass (Sierra Nevada Mountains) in December.

Can you see the cars on the snowy bridge?

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