Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reflections: The Academy Awards

At age eight, I watched the Academy Awards for the first time. I cannot recall any of the nominees or winners, but I can vividly recall the feelings of excitement and fascination of the movies. Later, my second grade teacher asked each of her students to tell what we wanted to be when we grew up. I announced, "I want to be a movie star!" Everyone laughed, and the teacher made a snide remark while the blush of shame burned my face.

For years I fantasized about winning an Oscar and thumbing my nose at the Walla Walla Green Park Elementary Second Grade of 1964/65.

When I married and started a family, I realized a career in acting would require too much sacrifice of time from my family. It wasn't worth it to me, and I'm fine with that decision. Besides, the writing bug had a bigger grip because although I was scoffed at for my movie-star dreams, that same teacher gave high praise for my writing skills. (see: Bitten by the bug.)

I am still fascinated with the Academy Awards and plan to record it this Sunday to watch on Monday. I will plant myself in front of the screen to savor the moments, fast-forwarding through commercials and dull thank-yous.

Awards for Original Screenplay and Adapted Screenplay interest me the most nowadays; and watching the awards show helps me keep tabs on movie and story trends.

On a side note, this year George Clooney sets a record for the first person nominated in six different categories over the years. That's a well-rounded film career!

2013: Best Picture (producer, Argo)
2011: Best Adapted Screenplay (The Ides of March)
2011: Best Actor (Matt King in The Descendants)
2009: Best Actor (Ryan Bingham in Up in the Air)
2007: Best Actor (Michael Clayton in Michael Clayton)
2006: Best Original Screenplay (Good Night and Good Luck)
2006: Best Director (Good Night and Good Luck)
2006: Best Supporting Actor (Bob Barnes in Syriana)

Too bad when I was little I only linked the Academy Awards with movie stars. Someday, if I win an Oscar for screenwriting, can I still thumb my nose at my second grade class?

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