Friday, February 15, 2013

Comic Relief: Here Comes the Boom

Last week I saw Here Comes the Boom (2012). Kevin James (also one of the screenwriters for the film) plays the role of Scott Voss, a high school biology teacher who wants to raise $48,000 to save the job of his friend, Marty (Henry Winkler) who teaches music... a program about to get axed due to lack of funds. The avenue he chooses to raise the money? Mixed-martial arts fighting. He used to wrestle in college, but is ill-prepared for his first fight. Hopeful to gain an edge with intimidation, he chooses a theme song of "Here Comes the Boom." Here's the clip (be sure to scroll down for follow-up commentary):

In a later fight, the opponent uses Scott's theme song, so Marty hurriedly selects another one. Scott enters the fight to the tune of "Holly Holy" by Neil Diamond. That's supposed to intimidate?? Marty assures him, "Don't worry, it picks up."

So many funny (and heartfelt) moments in this film. I want to see it again!

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