Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm almost ready to launch!

In the meantime... I'M DRIVING MYSELF CRAZY! I keep over-analyzing and over-thinking everything.

Have you ever seen the movie The Four Seasons (1981) with Alan Alda, and Carol Burnett? They vacation with two other couples during each season of the year. Early in the film, their friend Nick (Len Cariou) complains about his wife, Anne (Sandy Dennis), because she obsesses over her photography... of vegetables. She photographs single vegetables and it takes her forever to figure out her subject. Nick gripes, "For a year and a half, all we talked about was zucchini. Then for another year it was green peppers -- that was a nice change."

In a following scene Anne tells her friends how she's considering photographing a combination of two vegetables (gasp!  daring!)... but she's uncertain if she should.

I'm relating too much to Anne right now.

Ultimately I would love to have everything "just so" before the "premiere," but I've realized this blog will continue to evolve, and I need to let go of the idea of a grand unveiling, or "Tah Dah" moment. I need to (in my husband's words), "Kick this pig and make it run!"

So stay tuned....

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  1. Nice teaser!!! You got me!

    "Kick this pig and make it run" LOVE THAT!!!