Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Action!: Creative Work First

What I'm reading: There's No Business Like Soul Business by Derek Rydall.

One way to "romance the muse" is to "Pay yourself first -- creatively speaking."  

The author explains: This is based on the financial concept of investing a portion of every dollar you make in your savings and retirement -- otherwise the pressure of everyday expenses will rob you of your financial freedom. The same is true creatively. If you work a "regular job," or are a "hired gun" as a writer, actor, director, etc., you need to make sure you're investing time and energy in authentic creative expression. Every day if possible. Every week at the very least. And he goes on to explain the need to put creative projects before other stuff.

I certainly needed reminded of that, since it's been a major struggle of mine. Often I fall victim to thinking I will "just do this one small task" before I write. Then another "small task" follows on it's heels and before I know it time escapes me, or something else interferes... and I never get to writing.

One morning last week I was called to work (driving cars), but I finished earlier than usual. As I hopped in my car to head home, I wondered how I should spend the afternoon (which items on my to-do list needed attention) and considered getting the groceries, a sorely neglected task. It made sense to go to the store while I was already out and about, and then go home.

However, I remembered what I had read, and realized I needed to put my writing projects before the other stuff. I came home and worked on a screenplay, then wrote a blog post.  

I felt rejuvenated and exhilarated. What's more, I felt somewhat excited to get groceries afterward -- one of my least favorite things to do!   Paying myself first--creatively--really paid off!

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