Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reel Focus: Overview

Ta dah!  (Okay... I just needed that moment.)  I still have the same background (for now) but here's the scoop...

As I followed a few popular blogs over the past year, I noticed some of my favorites had different themes for various days of the week.  I wondered if I would enjoy that type of posting, and the more I thought about it, the more excited I became.

There are certain important elements that help me with my screenwriting journey...
  • Breaking through creative blocks, feeling inspired and motivated
  • Analyzing movies and screenplays
    • what works
    • what doesn't
  • Writing, reading about writing, and working towards my goals
  • Observations
    •  living life and applying it to writing and creativity
    •  learning from others on their own creative path
  • Humor 
And the most essential element to me is...
  • Spirituality.  God can make more of my life and my talents than I can, so I rely on His guidance and help.
I want to focus on those elements on certain days of the week (starting this Thursday morning, May 24th).  Although, to preserve my sanity, as well as make sure I have time for my screenwriting, I've given myself permission to skip a day or two each week, as needed.

So here's the overview...

On Mondays, to start the work week, I will share inspirational or motivational quotes; thoughts; or ideas on getting past pesky blocks to creativity. I don't know about you, but I often need a swift kick to the creative gears.  ("Block" Busters, or perhaps "What's My Motivation?")

Tuesdays I will post my "take" (opinion, observations) on films I've viewed or screenplays I've read. This will cover a wide variety of films ranging from oldies, to new release, to foreign.  Bear with me on this...I'm still in the habit of watching movies for entertainment, but I hope to focus on what works so I can incorporate it into my own screenplays.  (Take 1; Take 2...) 

Wednesday's posts will be dedicated to what I've written, what I'm reading, what I'm working on.

Thursday posts will have a variety of topics since I will relate what's on my mind, or what I've observed in life.  I also hope to have some guest writers (hint, hint) share their creative experiences and insights.   

By the end of the week, I need to unwind.  I want Friday posts to focus on humor.  I love comedy.  I had to include a day for favorite funny lines, humorous scenes, or examples of comedy styles. (Comic Relief)

If I post on Saturdays it will be for "Outtakes" -- stuff that doesn't quite fit in the other categories (and might not really fit with film or writing).

Sometimes I will write about spiritual insights or life lessons gleaned from various films, which I will schedule to post on Sundays.

That's the Grand Plan.  I'll tweak things as I go.  But for now...


Leaning back in a vintage wooden desk chair, Trudy stares at the computer screen.  
Here goes.

Fingers rest on the mouse...waiting.


Her blog post launches into cyberspace.

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  1. Awesome! I've been going through a "blank" state of mind in the last couple of months. I truly believe it's because my computer got bit by a virus and I haven't replaced it yet. I don't have an easy mechanism for downloading photos that I used to take almost daily. I have to depend on my husband to download them and it's not as important to him as it is to me. Enough about me.

    I am REALLY looking forward to your posts!!! I have no doubt I'll be inspired!