Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Writing while "under fire."

It's been a month since I posted on here. A rough month with two deaths in the family (an aunt, and one of my brothers), and two trips (one trip for a funeral, and one trip for delivering a car to someone in southern California).

One thing I keep learning over and over since graduating: life is hectic. Whether in school or not, life is hectic. I have a tendency to want the "perfect moment" for writing. You know... solitude, quiet, a house so clean it doesn't cry out to me. Right. Like that will ever happen. Life--and death--happen, and I need to knuckle down and write.

That lesson was just starting to sink into my thick skull when I came across some notes I had scribbled about writing while "under fire" -- or in other words -- while life goes on all around. Choas, interruptions, noise, lack of time. Finding those notes written in 2003, reaffirmed what I was re-learning... I need to write no matter what.

I put a note on my computer, "Write while under fire," and since that time I have been more diligent in working on my screenplays each day. I am about 3/4 of the way through the process of re-typing the pages of one of my screenplays into my screenwriting software. (see post)

Now I am back to writing in my blog.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I've been re-remembering that lesson, too. I need to do better about setting aside time for my own writing. Not just journal writing, but getting some stories out of my head and on paper. Maybe then I'll have more room for reality, so I won't be so ditzy and leave the oven on or forget to use my coupons. haha Ok, maybe not, but still! =D