Monday, May 9, 2011

Film Degree

I graduated in December 2010, but the University of Utah only holds graduation ceremonies in the spring, so it was on Friday, May 6, 2011, that I finally "walked the stage."

My degree... Bachelor of Arts, Film and Media Arts, Summa Cum Laude.

Because of the recent ceremony, inquiries once again come my way such as "A degree in film? What do you do with that?" It's almost a private joke among film students. Fodder for laughter and frustration. One classmate wrote a clever screenplay based on that question and the pickle the main character finds herself in after giving a flippant response. (I don't want to tell more since it is not my story.)

I wish I had a solid answer to give people. "I'm working for Acme Productions." "I'm a script reader." "I formed my own Independent film company." But I tell the truth, "I write screenplays. I studied film so I could understand the filmmaking process better."

Then comes the next question, "What are your screenplays about?" And I have to answer, "I can't tell you or I would have to kill you." This answer comes because I totally suck at telling about my stories in just a couple sentences. Maybe they only teach that skill in the Master Degree program.

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  1. You done well, Trudy. I know you worked long and hard for this. You will be a force for good in that industry.