Saturday, May 21, 2011

House on fire.

In the movie Leap Year (2010), my favorite scene (warning...spoiler alert...) is when the main character pulls the fire alarm in their new apartment and observes the items her new fiance' frantically gathers. That scene made me wonder, with the house on fire, what would I grab?

I saw the movie earlier this week and continue to think about it, so when I came across a website today titled The Burning House, I was intrigued. People gather the items they treasure, take a picture of it, and list the items. No fluffs. No advertising. Just here it is folks. Here's what I would grab.

The photos, pleasing to the eye, are well composed. I enjoyed looking at them as an art form since they are in essence a portrait of the person posting, but it's also like a glimpse into his or her soul... a nostalgic unnerving.

Besides the safety of my family, what would I want to rescue from our burning home? Three things pop into my mind... my journals, my external hard drives (with my short films and photos), and the photo albums.  

My "grab and go" list makes me want to scan everything and post it on the web where I can retrieve it from anywhere on any computer, so if the house catches fire I can just run screaming into the streets.

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  1. Very good, Trudy. Very good. I need to categorize everything, then prioritize it all, then scan it in online. I have listed all the things in our insurance which can be replaced, but those that can't, well...