Thursday, March 24, 2011

A tough decision last week.

I know I'm late in posting about this, but I had to make a tough decision a week ago Wednesday. I had to choose between meeting Academy Award winning screenwriter Bobby Moresco, or attending an on-line class I had signed up for (how to market my screenplays). The class was taught by David Trottier, author of The Screenwriter's Bible, and was a four week course which ended last night.

I went back and forth between the two choices, but finally decided to attend Trottier's class. Why? Because he teaches in such an encouraging manner I knew I would find motivation during the class chat, whereas Moresco was an unknown to me. I have met Hollywood screenwriters before, and they seemed to send off very negative vibes. "I made it, but you are all just peons and probably don't have what it takes." That seemed to be the attitude of the ones I've met so far. Moresco might not be like that at all, but I wanted a sure thing. I took a class last year taught by Trottier and even though he didn't sugar coat the difficulty, he taught in such a way that I felt motivated after class, rather than discouraged.

Last week did not disappoint. I made the right choice.

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