Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Long time no post.

Nearly a year passed since I posted last on this blog. Two main reasons caused this lapse... 1) my last year of school was intense and many things in my life were put on hold, including this blog, and 2) I have tried to assess what direction to go with the blog. I started the blog initially to have a place to write about why I returned to school. With that already posted, I wasn't sure what to focus my posts on. I kind of dabbled with whatever came to mind.

I am still dabbling, but want to hone in on a focus soon... after all... this is called REEL FOCUS, not Reel Dabbling.

UPDATES: (since so much time has passed after my last post)

Last summer I worked as an intern in Italy for a month, learning about documentary filmmaking. I absolutely loved the experience, and yearn to return.

I graduated in December 2010 with a Bachelor Degree in Film and Media Arts. Since that time I took a couple months "off" to recuperate from school, and to get my office in order, giving it a more creative atmosphere.

I now have two feature length screenplays written. (Feature length meaning if they were produced they would each be two hours long.) My first screenplay needs at least one more re-write, and the second one needs several more drafts.

During my last semester of school I produced some short films, finding an interest in that area too. (I will post links to some of my films later.)

Now I embark on a new adventure... my career in screenwriting, as well as some film projects I have in the wings.

(NOTE: If anyone has any suggestions as to what you would like to see or read on this blog, please let me know! I have several ideas spinning around in my head and your suggestions might help me pin an idea down. :)

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