Thursday, March 8, 2018

I accept the challenge!

After debating with myself (love those debates... I always win no matter which side I'm on), I decided to sign up for the April A to Z challenge again. This will be my 4th consecutive year participating in the challenge.

April, this year, will be far busier than my normal busy, thus the debate. Did I really want to add one more thing? Will that tip my stress-o-meter over the edge?

But it comes down to this: I love doing the A to Z Challenge. As I posted in Creativity Inside the Box, the challenge stimulates creativity and I enjoy that process.

I like using a theme for my posts during the challenge, and in keeping with the focus of the blog, my posts involve movies.

  • 2015: Themes by the day of the week. (See the reveal here.) Monday: Dialogue, Lines, Quotes; Tuesday: My Take (reviews); Wednesday: Point of View; Thursday: More Point of View; Friday: Comic Relief; Saturday: Outtakes (trivia). 
  • 2016: Making movie lines our own. (I didn't do a theme reveal that year.)
  • 2017: Food in Film. (Click here for the reveal.)
  • 2018: Return here March 19 for the premiere of The Big Theme Reveal! 

The challenge begins on April 1. I hope you'll join me!

What is Blogging from A to Z? (Click here.)

Sign up instructions here.

(For a linked list to all my A to Z posts, click on the tab above or click here.)

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