Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reflection: Character Flaws

A few weeks ago I attended a screenwriting class titled, "Creating Character." I studied screenwriting for three years, and I've read many books about the craft, but I learned new things in that class...things I'm still thinking about. Much of what the instructor, Nathan Lee, taught can be applied to life. I want to share part of that on today's post, and another part this coming Sunday.

In screenwriting and storytelling, the main characters need flaws. A character without flaws is, of course, "too perfect," flat, one-dimensional. The audience cannot relate to a perfect character, because in reality, we are imperfect beings. We usually connect to the character more through his flaws than his strengths, and relate to the mistakes or weaknesses. Oh yeah, I feel your pain.  Been there, done that.  It makes the character more believable and human.

I already knew that. The characters in my screenplays definitely have weaknesses. But now I see more clearly how this applies to ME as a person, not as a writer.

I spend my time creating flawed characters, so why in real life, do I spend so much time trying to hide my flaws and imperfections? Why do I fear that others won’t love me if they know my weaknesses? In reality, they might relate to me better. Those imperfections make me human and lovable. 

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