Friday, December 7, 2012

Comic Relief: Humor Notebook

As mentioned in my post Action: Writing and more writing, when I have a good belly laugh, I record it in my Humor Notebook. I selected two samples related to movies:

September 12, 2008

Kurt told me to go into Blockbuster and select three movies while he went next door to Albertson's, then he would come in and choose which of the three movies we would rent. I asked, "Why do you get to select the final one?" He responded, "Because you get to select the three."

So... I tricked him. I selected two movies I knew he would absolutely NOT want to watch (South Park: Christmas and Surf's Up) and selected the one I wanted. When he came in the store and looked at my selections, he laughed and laughed, "You got me!"

November 30, 2012

Last night I viewed several clips from The Producers (1967), and this morning I had the song "Springtime for Hitler and Germany" running through my head.  I kept singing it as I prepared breakfast. Kurt questioned my sanity, but after a short time he started singing it too.

He has a habit of humming while he works, and as I took him to the TRAX station, he was going nuts trying to get that song out of his head. So, I dramatically belted out another show tune, ♬Getting to know you, getting to know allllll about youuuuuuu....♪♪

He started to sing along, then realized, "Oh no!  What if I start humming THAT song while doing a pap smear?"


  1. Funny, FUNNY stuff! You ought to write a book!

    1. You think so? Hmmm..what kind of book? Like publishing the stuff in my humor notebook? Interesting idea!