Monday, December 17, 2012

"Block" Buster: Allow abundance.

I recently read Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul by Stuart Brown. In chapter 5: "the opposite of play is not work" he writes about corporate brainstorming, and how innovative ideas need protected, supported, and nurtured.

Then he writes, "On an individual level, your creativity also needs to be protected, not only from outside critics, but also from your own internal critic. Allow yourself to be abundant in your creativity, at first not making judgments about what you think, feel, or do. Simply play with your ideas, with how you do things. When you are stuck, try imagining fifty "impossible" solutions and then let yourself throw out forty-five. One particularly famous scientist I know told me that the secret to his brilliant ideas is that he has a really big wastebasket. He let himself enjoy thinking up and throwing out one hundred bad ideas before finding the single good one."

I need to allow abundance in my ideas. I want to write a short screenplay for a contest (due the end of January) but ideas escape me for two reasons...
  1. I haven't allowed time to brainstorm, so when ideas came, I pushed them aside because I didn't have time to mull them over.
  2. I've allowed my internal critic to slam all my ideas.  
I'm challenging myself to write down at least 50 script choices (five ideas for each of the ten storyline suggestions listed for the contest). Think of the abundant possibilities.

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