Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Action!: Catching up.

I haven't had a chance to post about what I've been up to the last several weeks, so I will catch up here.
  • Helped with casting for a Lifetime channel movie, and met the screenwriter. Very friendly, and seemed willing to talk with me about my projects.   
  • I was an extra for a theme park commercial (which will air, locally, in the spring).
  • And an extra for a short film about religious freedom, which will air soon.
  • Then I was selected for a photo shoot to be used in a training program. (It was fun to experience being in still photos, rather than video.)
  • I attended the screening of Christmas Oranges. I was an extra in that film (see post: Extra again.) and was pleased to see that I didn't hit the cutting room floor entirely.  
  • I am nearly finished retyping my second screenplay into my screenwriting software. I planned to edit and rewrite as I typed but decided to type it as its first draft. I think it's important to see the difference between the first draft and completed work. (A good way to measure progress.) It's painful, at times, typing it as is. I see so many areas I want to change, and think, "Good grief, that scene needs major work." But I take comfort that first drafts are always "poo."  I'm anxious to begin the actual re-write.
  • I've made time to watch movies! I know, I know. Don't faint. DVDs arrive in the mail and aren't condemned to sit on the counter for a month. Miraculous! I don't have time to write a full "Take" on each one of them, but I'm preparing a post with MINI TAKEs. Tune in next Tuesday for that. Some of the films I've watched the last couple months:
There. See? I'm taking action toward my goals. It seems like I've done a lot of "extra" work, and some of my friends get confused, thinking that acting is my goal. But I do little acting gigs to earn some cash. I tell people, "Acting supports my writing habit."

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