Monday, September 10, 2012

Motivation: Habit

Motivation is what gets you started.  Habit is what keeps you going.  ~Jim Ryun

Life keeps kicking the snot out of my writing habits.  Why does it feel like once habit is interrupted, it takes forever to get it back?  Today I need both: motivation and habit.


  1. Never give up! I'm your number one blog fan and it doesn't matter if you only post once or everyday, I promise I'll read it!!

  2. P.S. I've been in the same slump all summer. Now that things are winding down, my mind has time to think and that's when I do most of my writing. I learned in my creative writing class that I have to carve out time every day to write. Have I done it? Not really. But soon I will! Journaling works best for me. I think I'll start with just sitting for 5 minutes and see what happens. Wanna join me? Ready, set, .... journal!

    1. Thank you Susan! Your words were helpful to me. Summer definitely gets busier and makes writing time more difficult to find. I look forward to things settling down a bit.

      What is your definition of "journaling?" I am fairly consistent with writing in my journal (but I'm behind on that too). I'm not sure if you mean diary type journaling, or something else? I'm game for anything that will kickstart my creative juices again.

    2. Oh, I don't write anything too serious when I journal. I just sit and write whatever comes to mind. My last entry went like this:
      August 20, 2012

      Went to Cheryl's last night for dinner to celebrate Marty's 48th birthday. It was really nice and fun to let someone else do the cooking. when we got home, we walked over and took Tammy for a walk in her wheelchair around the block. She has atrophied so badly that she will not ever walk aagin .... (and it continues for almost 2 pages!)

      It was a really long entry because I hadn't written in a while. I don't put all my deep dark secrets down on paper but just the light stuff that's in the forefront of my mind.

      What's really helping me right now is when I get to work, I start a draft email to myself and I drop ideas and notes to myself in that one email. At the end of the day, I send it to my personal email so when I get home I will have all those ideas I've thought about all day long in one spot. Otherwise, I forget.

    3. Sending emails to yourself is a great way to capture your ideas! (Sometimes when I'm out and about, I have sent texts from my phone to my email with reminders and ideas.)

      I think I will write a post about some of the different writing I've been up to... such as journaling. Thanks for the idea! :-)