Friday, September 14, 2012

Comic Relief: Make me laugh!

Thursday was a looong day. I need a good laugh, but was too tired last night to find a funny post. I'm hoping you will help me out. Please tell me about your favorite funny lines or scenes from movies.

Make me laugh!


  1. Well, my all-time most favorite movie is "On Golden Pond", not really a comedy but a drama with some funny scenes. I love this quote from it:

    [to Ethel]
    Norman: Wanna dance or would you rather just suck face?

    I have far too many favorite lines to quote but here's a list of my fave comedies, at least the ones that come to mind at 5:30a.m.:

    Father of the Bride (with Steve Martin)
    I love it when Steve Martin puts on his old suit and looks at himself in the mirror.

    There's Something About Mary
    Oh dear, so many funny things in this movie but the "hair gel" scene always stands out.

    National Lampoon's Vacation
    When they drive off with the dog tied to the back of the car. (I've seen this done in real life, not so funny really!)

    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
    Oh gosh, the whole movie is just soooo funny!

    Blazing Saddles
    When the cowboys are sitting around the fire farting.

    1. Susan, oh my goodness, I laughed over your list. Thanks for reminding me of some great funny moments! And so funny that you mentioned the dog being tied to the back of the car ("Vacation") because my husband and I were recently laughing about that. We kept hearing a funny sound as we drove and I suggested that maybe we had driven off with a dog tied to the bumper. We imitated the cop's reaction as he describes how the little guy tried to keep up for the first mile or so. I'm laughing again just thinking about it.

      Thanks for helping me laugh!