Monday, September 24, 2012

Motivation: Grab opportunity.

"Opportunity is rarely convenient." ~me...and lots of other people.

I couldn't find a perfect quote for what I am experiencing right now, so I went with something I said yesterday. (Google reveals that lots of people have said or written the same thing.)  

The situation: I was contacted to be a paid extra in a commercial for a local theme park, and I almost turned it down. Why? Because of transportation problems and inconvenient hours for filming.

We only have one vehicle and my husband needs it on Tuesday, so that presents a problem. Then there's the hours. It will be from about 11:30 AM to Midnight, two days in a row (possibly three). I am a morning person. Seriously... an early morning person. I do not function well when I am up late and need to sleep in. It might take me a couple days to recuperate from the hours of the shoot, so I have to consider that. (Be forewarned, this will probably interrupt my blogging this week.)

After considering the inconveniences, I still accepted the offer, and told my husband:
"If I select only convenient opportunities, I will miss out on a lot." ~ me again... and probably others... 



  1. Yeah!!!! I read an article several years ago by Tina Fey titled "Say Yes". I wish I could find it. Should we never have been successful if she had not said yes to Saturday Night Live.

    Oh what an experience you will have!! Can't wait to hear about it.

    1. I was just notified that I will be riding the rides during filming. WOOHOO!! I love amusement park rides... I get to ride them for free... AND get paid??? I feel like I hit the jackpot! And... when I'm not being filmed, I get to lounge around and read a book if I want to. That's a royal treat for me!