Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Action!: Paving my road...

"The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress." ~ Philip Roth

I was going to post this quote last Monday, but as I pondered it, I realized it didn't seem to fit for Motivation or "Block" Buster (Monday topics)... rather, it described my life. What I was up to. 

Works-in-progress, as I interpreted it, are the numerous creative projects I haven't completed because I'm busy with something else. Really, they are works-at-a-standstill, because in order to reach the level of works-complete, one must make progress.

I've been on a dead run for several weeks, neglecting my screenplays. I haven't even watched a movie in over a month. In fact, a DVD from Netflix arrived on July 26 and still awaits viewing. I allowed myself to get too side-tracked with the busyness of life.

This quote gave me a wake up call. I was paving a road all right, and that road was not leading to success in my goals. It led to "hell"... that state occupied by writers not writing, artists not painting, dancers not dancing.

After pondering on that, I put life on hold while I sat at my computer and resumed progress on a screenplay. Almost as soon as my fingers hit the keys, I felt the fire again...and it wasn't the fire of hell.

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