Monday, April 6, 2020


Blogging from A to Z Challenge

Theme: Humor in film -- what makes me laugh:


My husband claims he and his cousin saw a four-foot jack rabbit when they were young. Both declare it is no exaggeration, but I still tease him, "Sure you did!"

It reminds me of the well-known phrase, "I once caught a fish this big..." which takes on even more humor in the movie Dave (1993) when Dave (Kevin Kline) demonstrates the size of a fish while his arms control enormous mechanical arms spanning across a factory.

Exaggeration in movies can make me laugh.

I get a kick out of a scene in Elf (2003) when Buddy (Will Ferrell) sees a sign in a diner window: World's Best Cup of Coffee! Most of us realize that's a hyperbolic phrase--an exaggeration--but Buddy takes it literally. He enters the shop and congratulates them on their success. (Here's a clip.)

In Kung Fu Panda (2008) Po's (voice of Jack Black) dream of a legendary warrior is full of humorous exaggerations... "He is so deadly, in fact, that his enemies would go blind from over-exposure to pure awesomeness." ... "Never before had a panda been so feared ... and so loved."

Movieclips: Kung Fu Panda - The Legendary Warrior Scene

What's your favorite exaggerated phrase or scene?


  1. Ahah, yes, maybe the fish is a little oversized ;))

  2. @Frederique ... That's for sure! hahaha

  3. I think that Santa delivering gifts to all the children around the world in one evening, even that close to the longest day of the year, has always been an exaggeration. In the film, The Christmas Chronicles, Santa, played by Kurt Russell with a twinkle in his eye, does just that!

  4. @Sue ... What? Santa is an exaggeration? Tell me it isn't sooooo!!! hahahaha!. Seeing Kurt Russell portray Santa was so much fun.